Monday, August 27, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Trend For Today

MCX Gold October contract gained by 2.4 percent and closed at 30,0889/10gms after touching hgh of 30,899/10gms on friday. Appreciaton in Indian rupee helped MCX gold prices in sharper gains.Gold Trend. Spot Gold prices incresed by 3 percent in last week. In Globla market gold touched high of $1,674/oz during the week and closed at $1,699.85/oz in last trading session.
MCX Gold Levels For Today -
Support – 30771, 30666, 30602
Resistance – 30940, 31004, 31109
MCX Silver prices gaine by almost 6 percent and closed on 56,971/kg on Friday. Howeever appreciation in Indian rupee restricted upside in prices in MCX. Silver Trend . Spot Silver prices increased by 9.7 percent during last week and touched high of $30.81/oz in last week and closed at $30.77 in last trading session on Friday.
MCX Silver Levels For Today -
Support – 56550, 56152, 55915
Resistance – 57185, 57422, 57820