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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

MCX Commodity Update for 8 Jan 2014| Free Trial for 9 Jan

MCX SILVER was trading at Rs 44016 down Rs 541, or 1.21 percent. The SILVER MCX rate touched an intraday high of Rs 44535 and an intraday low of Rs 43865. So far 19468 contracts have been traded. 

MCX GOLD was trading at Rs 28750 down Rs 84, or 0.29 percent. The GOLD MCX rate touched an intraday high of Rs 28800 and an intraday low of Rs 28710. So far 6427 contracts have been traded.


Friday, January 03, 2014

MCX Tips Today : Gold, Silver, Aluminium

Precious metals traded flat as U.S markets remained closed on new year's eve. However,

prices jumped on Thursday morning as bargain hunters resurfaced after prices plunged to a 

six-month low, but optimism over the global economic outlook and the imminent end of the 

U.S. Federal Re-serve's monetary stimulus could cap gains. Talks that Chinese buyers 

returned to buy gold also supported prices, but physical dealers attributed the rally to the thin 

market at the start of the new year.

The MCX SILVER rate touched an intraday high of Rs 45670 and an intraday low of Rs 45290. So 

far 15120 contracts have been traded. SILVER MCX prices have moved up Rs 3676, or 8.78 percent 

in the February series so far. MCX SILVER was trading at Rs 46511 up Rs 176, or 0.38 percent. The 

SILVER rate touched an intraday high of Rs 46630 and an intraday low of Rs 46273. 

MCX SILVER prices have moved up Rs 3511, or 8.17 percent in the April series so far.

MCX GOLD was trading at Rs 29241 up Rs 136, or 0.47 percent. The GOLD rate touched an

intraday high of Rs 29330 and an intraday low of Rs 29150. So far 8912 contracts have 

been traded. GOLD MCX prices have moved down Rs 205, or 0.70 percent in the February series so 


MCX Calls:

>> Buy MCX Aluminium Jan between 110.80 - 111.40, SL - 107, Target - 117 / 120 
>> Buy MCX Gold around Rs 28500 with the stop loss below Rs 28350 for the target of Rs



Monday, June 03, 2013

MCX Tips Energy - Crude & Natural Gas Today 03 June

Due to sluggish in the international market and edge of Rupee, Gold trick has weakened today. However MCX silver is lead formed due to gains in COMEX Silver.

COMEX Gold flat and is trading at $ 1,394. COMEX Silver has gained 0.5%.. However NYMEX crude oil slipped 0.1% and has come down to $ 92, while ICE Brent crude came to $ 100.

Currently MCX Gold flat and is trading at Rs 26 815. while silver is trading around Rs 43 700 with a gain of 0.4%. However crude oil has slipped 0.5% to Rs 5,200. Base metals has strengthened by 0.8 to 0.2%. Copper rose 0.8% is trading at Rs 415.

Energy Tips Crude and Natural Gas Today 03 June 2013

Crude oil June futures Sell - 5250, stoploss - 5300 and target – 5180.

Natural Gas June futures Sell - 227, stoploss - 231 and Goals – 221.

Friday, May 17, 2013

MCX Tips - Gold Silver Today 17 May 2013

After Thursday's recovery in the international market, Gold has come again under pressure. Currently COMEX gold is trading below $ 1,390 and Silver also under pressure and is trading around $ 22.5. While NYMEX Crude Oil slipped 0.25% is trading below $ 95.

In terms of domestic markets MCX Gold dropped 0.5% is trading at Rs 26 040. Silver is around 1 % down to Rs 42 900. However Crude oil rose marginally to 0.1% is trading at Rs 5210.

While Natural Gas has risen 0.2% higher to around Rs 216. Base Metals has gained 0.1-0.3 %. Copper is trading over 0.2% higher at Rs 401. Aluminum 0.1%, nickel 0.3%, and Zinc, lead gained 0.25% to 0.1%.

MCX Tips – Gold Silver

Gold June futures Sell - 26200, stoploss – 26300, Target – 26000.

Silver July Futures Buy - 43 350, stoploss - 43 550, Target – 42800.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

MCX Base Metals Tips Copper Nickel Today 07'May'13

Comex Gold declined by 0.3% while silver was down nearly 1%. NYMEX Crude oil 0.8% and ICE Brent crude are weak 0.3%. London Metal Exchange Copper gained 0.4%. At the moment MCX gold with fall of 0.3% is trading around Rs 27,000. while silver is trading around Rs 44800 with osteoporosis 0.8%. MCX crude oil slipped 0.5% has come down to Rs 5,180.

MCX Tips - Base Metals Today

MCX base metals are trading in green except lead . Lead with 0.2% osteoporosis is trading at Rs 110.20. The copper is trading up 0.2% higher at Rs 397.5.

Copper and Nickel Tips

Copper June Futures Buy - 390, stoploss - 386 and Target - 399

Nickel May Futures Buy - 810, stoploss - 800 Target - 830

Friday, May 03, 2013

Free MCX Tips on Gold Commodity Tips Today 3 May 2013

Free MCX Tips on Gold Commodity Tips Today 3 May 2013
Don't Miss 7 Days Free Trial

Domestic Market Gold and silver continued growth. Crude oil looks even faster. Base metals have been even stronger. Currently MCX gold is trading around Rs 27,030 with 0.4% up. While silver rose with 1% up to Rs 45,000. MCX crude oil is exceeded with 0.75% to Rs 5,050.

MCX base metals have gained 2-1%. Copper around jumped 2% is reached to Rs 380. Aluminum 1.4%, Nickel 1%, lead and zinc has gained 1.15%.

MCX Tips on Gold

MCX Gold (June Futures): Buy - 26 790, stoploss - 26 680 and Target - 27050

Monday, April 22, 2013

Gold Tips Crude Oil Tips MCX Today 22 April 13

Gold Tips Crude Oil Tips MCX Today
Gold and Silver have recovered strongly after a decline. While last week gold fell by 7%. while silver was broken to 10.5%. However, due to increased demand, gold and silver have been returned buying. Gold - Silver is receiving support from weakness of the rupee against the dollar.

Currently MCX gold with jumped 1.5% is trading above Rs 26,400. Silver with a gain of 1% is trading above Rs 43 900. Comex gold 2.% and silver gained 2.5%. NYMEX crude oil has reached $ 89. MCX crude oil is trading around Rs 4,830 with a gain of 1 %. However MCX natural gas is trading below Rs 234 with weakness of nearly 1%.

MCX Gold June futures Sell - 26400, stoploss - 26600 and the target - 26 050

MCX Crude Oil May futures Sell - 4840, stoploss - 4880 and target – 4760.

MCX Commodity Live Prices and Rate

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