Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Gold Silver Support and Resistance Levels For Today

Gold (August) -
Trend – Consolidate
Res 2 – 30350, Res1 – 30100, Sup1 – 29600, Sup2 – 29400
Strategy – Sell on higher levels
Silver (July) -
Trend – Consolidate
Res2 – 56400, Res1 – 55500, Sup1 – 53000, Sup2 – 52000
Strategy – Sell on Higher levels

Gold Price – 29760.00/10gms
Silver Price – 54125.00/kg
With the rupee expected to remain under pressure due to inflation and current account deficit, the gains made in gold in rupee terms are here to stay. The rupee might receive some respite if global crude prices decrease. But given the global economic trends, it may be more difficult than it seems. Gold price in dollar terms is down almost 20% ($1,900 to $1,600 per ounce).
The recent sideways to down movement has led investors to question the safe haven properties of gold and whether gold prices have already peaked. But it is important to understand that bull markets do experience such periods of consolidation and correction which can run as high as 30% from top to bottom.