Tuesday, April 03, 2012

MCX Market Trend & Tips for Today, 03rd April 2012

MCX Market Trend - The MCX market started today with a positive note with a rise of 27.38 points. Currently it is trading lower by 0.05 after opening at 3,959.55.
MCX metal is downward by 10.28 points after opening at 4,938.48. MCX Agri is trading up from 33.54 points after opening at 3.654.46 while MCX Entery is trading dowy by 6.75 points after opening at 3,481.77.
Gainers in MCX market
-Cotton Cake Akola (August Contract – 3.89%)
-Cardamom (July Contract – 2.86%)
-Wheat (September Contract – 1.38%)
-Copper1kg (August Contract – 0.68%)
Losers in MCX market
-Potatorwr (September contract – 3.89%)
-Potatorwr (August contract – 2.86%)
-Potatorwr (July contract – 2.47%)
-Nickel (September contract – 2.47%)
-Cardamom (October contract – 2.22%)
MCX Tips for Today
Silver (May contract) – Long position , target Rs 58,530/kg and beyong that Rs 58,600/kg, Stop loss of Rs 57,300/kg
Copper – Buying on dips around Rs 430/kg, Stop Loss below Rs 426/kg and targets around Rs 436-437/kg.
Crude (April contract) – Selling around Rs 5,300 per barrel, stop loss of Rs 5,350 per barrel, target of Rs 5,210 – 5,220 per barrel.
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