Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Crude Oil Trading Strategy for Today

MCX Crude oil Trend Today: The American Petroleum Institute (API) reported today that crude oil reserves has been declining in the United States. Because of this decrease in reserve, crude oil prices have once again getting momentum. Despite the global concerns in International market crude oil supply has not get affected. Yesterday Nymex crude oil also moved slightly upside. Commodity market mainly the crude oil and natural gas trend eyed today on US energy department reports, that are scheduled to release today. Crude oil live trading at 5680 with a loss of 0.1 percent. Natural gas is trading down 0.84 percent at 234.

Commodity Trading MCX Tips for Today
  • Sell Crude oil Below 5700 for the Intraday Target of 5660. Keep Stop Loss at  5768.
  • Sell Natural Gas today on MCX for the Intraday Target of Rs 234-232 with Stop loss at 243.50. Sell below 238.50. 
  • Buy Silver on MCX today for the Intraday Targets of 42550 - 42850 with Stop Loss at 42150.