Thursday, January 03, 2013

MCX Gold Silver Trend Target

At commodity mcx market gold has once again gone beyond Rs 31,000. MCX Silver is trading above Rs 59,000. Currently, MCX gold with a gain of 0.20 and is trading at Rs 31,103 levels. The silver is about 0.10 percent higher at Rs 58997 levels. Naimaks up strongly on Wednesday after crude oil declined. Although the domestic market is trading at a premium of Rs weak. Naimaks the crude oil was down to $ 93. The risk of a U.S. recession, demand for crude oil from the postponement is expected to grow. Base metals have risen strongly. MCX Copper prices rose nearly 1 per cent to Rs 455. MCX base metals has gained more than 1-2 per cent of the metals. At NCDEX decline in soybean prices and it fell down nearly to 1%.