Monday, December 10, 2012

MCX Target Levels For Today

The gold and silver both the precious metals gained at International as well as domestic market. Gold gained at Comex nearly 0.20% and is currently trading at 1,708. MCX Gold is at doenstic market is trading in a uptrend of 0.19% currently trading at 31,335 levels. Alike Gold the trend for silver is also up and Comex Silver is trading with nearly 0.5 per cent and prices are above $ 33 per ounce and at mcx it showed a gain of 0.15% and is currently trading at 62584 levels. At the International market increase in crude oil prices is also seen at NYMEX the crude oil is trading up by 0.5 per cent is nearly around $86 per barrel.


Gold is trading in a uptrend and is advised to buy for today the MCX gold target for today is 31,450. TO get more on MCX Gold tips and MCX Tips levels subscribe our Free Trial For Today...........