Monday, August 13, 2012

MCX Gold and Silver Tips for this Week

MCX Gold (October) MCX Gold October opened at 29,918 last week and then seen lower and as experts were believing it finds good support above expected level 29,756 and later rallied towards 30,078 levels and finally closed higher. Experts believes that next week gold prices may find support between 29,960 and 29930 levels and below it good support is expected at 29,830 and 29,800 levels. Resistance is expected in range of 30,150 and 30,180 levels.
MCX Gold Levels for this week – Trend (Up)
S1 – 29,955, S2 – 29,830, R1 – 30,154, R2 – 30,300
Buy MCX Gold October between 29,960 and 29,930 with stop loss of 29,845 and target of 30,150/30,270.

MCX Silver (September)MCX Silver previously opened at 53,625 levels and moved lower and found support at 53,027 and finally closed higher from the previous week. Experts believes that this week Silver prices may find support in range of 53,100 and 53050 levels and trading consistently below 53,050 levels would lead to strong support at 52,650 and 52,550 levels. Resistance is expected in range of 53,810 and 53,860 levels.
MCX Silver Levels for this week – Trend (Sideways)
S1 0 53,100, S2 – 52,700, R1 – 53,860, R2 – 54,240
Buy MCX Silver September between 53,420 and 53,360 with stop loss of 52,860 and target of 54,120/55,050.