Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Trend, Support and Resistance for Today

MCX Gold Trend : Experts believes that Gold June is expected to move in the range of 29,300 and 30,200 during this week.
MCX Silver Trend : Silver July is expected to make movoe in the range of 52,500 and 57,000 during the week.
MCX Gold Support Resistance
Support – 29600.00 , 29435.00 , 29343.00
Resistance - 29857.00 , 29949.00, 30114.00
MCX Silver Support Resistance
Support – 54336.00, 53978.00, 53676.00
Resistance - 54996.00 , 55298.00, 55656.00
Gold showed poor start in starting of week due to Weak employment data for Friday from US and Euro debt crisis is giving support to the fire. Markets started weak and investors keeping eye on G7 meeting on Tuesday expecting good news for Eurozone debt crisis. All these factors results in building a sentiment for Investors which results in buying of gold resulting in rally on Tuesday.

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