Thursday, May 10, 2012

MCX Gold, Silver & Zinc Tips for Today 10th May 2012

MCX Gold & MCX Silver are trending lower in todays trading session due to concerns of Greece future to the major player in the market globally.
MCX Gold Tips : MCX Gold June contract trading at 2842. MCX Gold June Support 28620/28511, Resistance 28786/ 28894.
MCX Silver Tips : MCX Silver has broken major levels of 55,000/kg and now can touch levels of around 53,100/kg in the near term . If the prices rises till 54,800 or 55,000/kg then it can be selling opportunities for traders and should use stop loss of 55,300/kg on higher side for down side target of 54,000/kg and below that 53,100 in the near term.
MCX Silver July Support 54910/54494, Resistance 55542/55924.
MCX Zinc Tips : Buy MCX Zinc June contract around 103.50/kg levels, Stop Loss around 102/kg for target of 105.50/kg.

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