Friday, December 09, 2011

An Overview : Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX)

MCX Stock Exchange Ltd (MCX-SX), India’s new stock exchange, appositely reflects how the world’s most evolved and hi-tech new-generation exchanges should look like in future. With cutting-edge technology, world-class services and cost optimisation, MCX-SX has altered the face of the Indian financial markets. Within a few years of its launch, MCX-SX has proved its mettle as the thought leader and innovator of the industry by introducing innovative services and pioneering market development initiatives. Recognised by the market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India, MCX-SX currently has more than 700 members and trading terminals in more than 500 cities and towns across India. Through deployment of state-of-the-art technology and global best practices for regulatory compliance and investor protection, MCX-SX enables importers, exporters, investors, corporations and banks to hedge their currency risks with greater transparency and safety. Furthermore, it guarantees settlement of all transactions, through its clearing corporation (MCX-SX Clearing Corporation Ltd), which enhances safety by eliminating the counterparty risk. MCX-SX believes in “Systematic development of markets through Information, Innovation, Education and Research.” Its constant endeavour, therefore, has been to ensure that its nationwide electronic trading platform is used by market participants more extensively and effectively. MCX-SX is the first stock exchange in India to launch pioneering market development initiatives and join hands with India’s reputed industry & trade bodies and educational institutions to conduct awareness and financial literacy programmes for financial literacy and financial inclusion.